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  • Top 10 tasty and low-cost recipes of Latin American streetfood

    1. Argentinian Sandwiche de Milanesa (breaded steak sandwich) MAKES 4   PREPARATION: 5 MINUTES   COOKING: 10 MINUTES The milanesa (steak) is put between two pieces of bread and that is the sandwiche de milanesa. It is favorite in Argentina. The same food is also eaten in Uruguay but with the name milanesa al pan. (more…)

  • Top 10 low-cost recipes of tastiest African street food

    From Accra to Bangkok and Mumbai to Mexico City, informal street trading is a way for many people to make a living. The FAO notes that ‘selling snacks and meals on the streets is an important way to obtain income.’ Most vendors are people who would otherwise be unemployed. In some African countries over 80 […]

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