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  • Top 10 snacks that will make you a morning person

    It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl, some days we just wake up feeling out of sorts. But nutritionist Rob Hobson says you can eat your way to a better mood in the morning if you have the right food and drinks first thing. Here, he lists his top […]

  • Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diet trends to avoid in 2017

    Always manicured, in top shape, with glowing skin – perfect celebrities seem to be bombarding us left, right and center. So it seems only natural that mere mortals look to them for diet tips. But experts warn some of the detoxes touted by A-listers are far from healthy – in fact, they are dangerous for […]

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  • The 10 best celebrity dieters

    1| Elizabeth Taylor According to Rebecca Harrington’s tales of celebrity dieting, I’ll Have What She’s Having, Elizabeth Taylor lived, for many years, high on the hog: peanut butter-and-bacon baguettes for lunch, fried chicken and Jack Daniel’s for dinner. Exercise does not loom large, although one imagines someone so much married went in for a few […]

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    5 myths about fat loss that most women believe

    Are you struggling to lose fat but can’t figure out why? It’s probably because you’ve listened to too many myths and have taken all the wrong advice on board. Fat loss expert and London-based personal trainer Nicholas Polo clues us in on the biggest fat loss myths. When new gym members are asked to spell […]