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  • Тор 4 reasons to purge your closet without mercy


    Cleaning out your closet. It’s in danger of becoming a daily discussion point. But although people are just waiting in line to offer their tips on how to do it, we don’t see nearly as many people talking about the why.

    All of the tips are useful, no doubt. And yet, it seems like a part of why there are so many people presenting hints on purging your closet of excess items is because so many of us need to do just that — and are not. It may be a thought you’ve had, even frequently, but it’s a task that tends to get put off for way too long, or until or a wonderful friend comes and does it for you.

  • Four best exercises for back pain relief


    If most of your day is spent sedentary and slumped at a desk, your posture will suffer – and back, neck and shoulder ache will be the norm. In fact, 43 per cent of us suffer aches and pains on a daily basis. Bad posture reduces your strength and flexibility. It can result in disabling back and neck pain as well as major wear and tear on your joints.

  • 5 things to help you stay feeling younger


    From anti-ageing creams to rejuvenating juices – people try all manner of things to cling to their youth.
    But according to an expert in the field of ageing, the true secrets are far more simple – and they’ve been around for years.
    Dr Dawn Carr, an assistant professor at Florida State University, is a leading consultant on policies to improve quality of life across the country as nation ages.

  • 8 Hair-Raising Facts About Black Cats

    8 facts about black cats

    No member of catkind is more maligned than the black cat. At best, they’re bemoaned as lackluster photography subjects; at worst, they’re seen as harbingers of really bad luck. But there’s a lot to love about these furballs, as evidenced by the holidays in their honor—the ASPCA celebrates Black Cat Appreciation Day annually on August 17 and, across the pond, October 27 is National Black Cat Day—and the facts below.

  • 10 Wonder foods for Healthy heart


    We cannot underestimate the importance of a good diet, especially when it comes to keeping your heart healthy, now and in the years to come.
    Introducing something as simple as antioxidant-rich vegetables, healthy oils and wholegrains to your diet can help to protect your heart and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

  • 8 Rescue dogs who turned to Stars


    There’s nothing more uplifting than an underdog story—especially when the underdog is furry, four-legged, and maybe also an actual dog. Take the rescue canines below, all of whom managed to paw their way into America’s hearts.


    In 1989, Kevin di Cicco was visiting his grandfather’s cabin near Yosemite in northern California when he came upon a disheveled-looking Golden Retriever. Di Cicco took him in, named him Buddy, and started bonding with him by playing catch. He tossed tennis balls and baseballs to Buddy, who caught them in his mouth, and spent six months teaching Buddy how to use his snout to hit a basketball into the basket.

  • Тор 10 most Terrible (or Terrific?) Android games for kids


    Most people like their doctors, but medics themselves usually don’t like those know-it-all patients who think they are familiar and comfortable with different drugs, treatments and diseases. This is partly because patients of this kind also tend to self-diagnose and self-medicate, as long as healthcare is no more sacrament and everybody’s got a chance to go online for any knowledge.

  • 13 practical Halloween accessories


    Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse

    bloody purse


    Cobweb Heeled Mules. The webbed look is just geometric to work any time of year.




    Moon Hair Brooch.
    Moon accessories are pretty, simple, and werewolf-friendly.


    Darth Side of the Swoon bag. Keep this Sith Lord by your side for a seriously badass bag.

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