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  • 8 bizarre facts about animal reproduction


    There’s no rule that regulates how animals obtain the necessary genetic material to reproduce.


    Banana slugs are huge, they eat your garden, and they leave a slimy trail as they squirm across the ground. Their method of reproduction is no more pleasant than their appearance: The scientific name for one species of banana slug is Ariolimax dolichophallus, the second part of which means “long penis,” and it’s apt.

  • 9 reasonable money resolutions to make for 2017


    New Year’s resolutions are a mixed bag: Some are easy to achieve, but most are doomed to fail from the very first day of January. This year, resolve to get your finances in order by tackling one of the below money-related goals—and see things through by following a few simple tips.

    1. GET A RAISE

    Sure, that’s far easier said than done, but it’s actually something most people don’t actively seek on their own, instead waiting for their corporate superiors to make the first move with a performance review. Consider it a New Year’s resolution to earn more money through a pay increase, either by developing new skills or taking on new responsibilities.

  • 15 Fitness tips from 1800s that are still very good today


    At the turn of the last century, there were only a handful of fitness enthusiasts America turned to for wellness tips that didn’t involve enemas or strange contraptions. One of them was Eugen Sandow (1867-1925), a German-born bodybuilder who appeared to be carved from marble. Sandow’s physique was so impressive that he regularly toured to perform feats of strength; other times, he simply stood on stage like a statue while a gawking audience counted his abs.

  • Top 10 natural home remedies for headaches that really work


    There comes a point when the world of deadlines, irksome bosses, late nights, skimpy sleep schedules and traffic jams takes a toll on us. It is then when our quintessential cup of coffee surrenders to splitting headaches. So, what do you do when you’re bad day culminates to a severe migraine?

    The easy way out is of course to pop a painkiller, maybe even indulge in acupressure, sip on some chamomile tea. And we’re willing to do just about anything to get rid of that pounding headache. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 natural home remedies that will zap the pain from your debilitating pains.

  • Top 10 snacks that will make you a morning person


    It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl, some days we just wake up feeling out of sorts.

    But nutritionist Rob Hobson says you can eat your way to a better mood in the morning if you have the right food and drinks first thing. Here, he lists his top 10 foods and drinks to eat in the morning to boost your mood – and you’ll be delighted to hear that chocolate is one of them.

  • The 5 best natural remedies to rid of a cold this winter


    It’s that time of year when bugs are rife and we’re more sociable than ever – making a stinking cold almost inevitable. So what can you do to stay snot-free throughout the party season? And what’s the quickest way to get over the lurgy if it does strike?

    Here, leading medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer, and author of Eat Well, Stay Well, reveals which of nature’s cold remedies are worth trying – and why…

  • Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diet trends to avoid in 2017


    Always manicured, in top shape, with glowing skin – perfect celebrities seem to be bombarding us left, right and center. So it seems only natural that mere mortals look to them for diet tips.

    But experts warn some of the detoxes touted by A-listers are far from healthy – in fact, they are dangerous for your health. Here, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) revealed its much-anticipated annual list of celebrity diets to avoid in the New Year. The line-up this year includes clean eating, diet pills, teatoxes, the 6:1 diet, and green juices.

  • The 10 best product designs




    Frank Hornby, 1901

    Frank Hornby just wanted to make a toy crane as a Christmas gift for his sons, but realised that standardised shapes and connections could create an infinite number of objects. Vision, number, engineering, aesthetics, fun – Meccano offered it all in one magic box. As a girl, I rarely got to play with it, but by the time my children were ready, Meccano had been superseded by Lego, another brilliant example of standardisation, but handling nuts, bolts and pulleys gave a greater feeling of connectedness with real-world structures.

  • Top 17 winter superfoods


    ‘Superfood’ is the name given to a food having strong nutritional qualities that you can only benefit from if you eat the food in its entirety. In the case of winter superfoods, it is their vitamin C, antioxidant and unsaturated fat contents known to help boost immunity and fight infection that places them in the superfood category.

  • 10 quick and healthy ways to spice up your lunch break




    424 calories, 4.2g saturated fat, 6.2g sugar, 1.8g salt

    Ingredients: 1 tsp horseradish; 1 tbsp low-fat cream cheese; 2 slices oat bread (for example M&S Eatwell Oaty Bloomer made with 30 per cent oats); 2 slices lean roast beef; a handful pea shoots and rocket or watercress (remove thick stalks).

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