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  • filthiest things in your office

    The 10 filthiest items in your office

    A lot of us make sure that our homes are always kept clean, tidy and free from germs – but what about the place we spend around 40 hours a week in, the office? The web has dug deep to uncover the dirtiest items in our workplace – and the list will leave you reaching for […]

  • stop believing tea myths

    5 health myths about tea we need to stop believing

    First things first: Let’s give tea the credit it’s due. In terms of our health, there’s plenty of research highlighting the benefits of this particular beverage, second in popularity in the world after water. Studies have shown that tea can help protect the heart, detoxifies harmful chemicals and reduces the risk of strokes. (more…)

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  • foods that whiten teeth

    12 foods that naturally whiten your teeth

    Strawberries Don’t let the red color fool you. Malic acid, a chief component of strawberries, acts as a natural astringent to remove surface tooth discoloration, says Dr. Irwin Smigel, president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. No matter how you eat ’em — in salads, desserts, cereal — you’ll be whitening your smile in […]

  • top7-marvels-to-stop-snorin

    Top 7 medical marvels to stop your partner snoring

    More medicine is blessed with cures and treatments that were once considered pure science fiction. Computerised scanners that can ‘see’ inside the body, robots that perform intricate surgery and man-made implants to replace worn out body parts are commonplace in contemporary health services. And now there are a range of high-tech devices that can monitor […]

  • americas-best-diets

    America’s 7 favorite diets and which one is Best for you

    It was an eating plan created specifically to prevent and lower high blood pressure. But according to a panel of health experts, it has become so much more. The DASH diet is overwhelmingly America’s favorite eating regime, taking the number one slot in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of diets by nutrition and […]

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    not acne

    6 skin conditions that look like acne but aren’t

    How many times have you woken up, looked in the mirror and thought, “What invaded my face overnight?” In a desperate attempt to erase any signs of the annoying red spots, you immediately reach for the fast-acting acne treatment and start rubbing away, only to be disappointed when that strange-looking pimple or rash is still […]

  • terrible-diet-advices

    5 terrible diet tips to stop using right now

    When it comes to dieting, it seems like everyone from your mom to your friends—even celebrities and fad-diet book authors—have an opinion on how to do it right. It’s one of the most crowded self-help spaces, and can be difficult to suss out the good advice from the just plain wrong. Of course you’ve heard […]

  • 30-simple-makeups

    30 simple makeup ideas worth trying right now

    In a season filled with metallic smoky eyes, dramatic contour, and surprising-to-no-one red lips, sometimes you want to get out the door without having to fumble with glitter or false lashes or complicated holiday-themed lip art for once. And while yes, nobody’s stopping you from embracing the whole no-makeup-makeup thing, it’s not a sin to […]

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    Top 10 natural home remedies for headaches that really work

    There comes a point when the world of deadlines, irksome bosses, late nights, skimpy sleep schedules and traffic jams takes a toll on us. It is then when our quintessential cup of coffee surrenders to splitting headaches. So, what do you do when you’re bad day culminates to a severe migraine? The easy way out […]

  • top-10-morning-snacks

    Top 10 snacks that will make you a morning person

    It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl, some days we just wake up feeling out of sorts. But nutritionist Rob Hobson says you can eat your way to a better mood in the morning if you have the right food and drinks first thing. Here, he lists his top […]